Regular reviews of customer product usages are a part of how Shipper’s does business. Frequently these activities turn up little opportunity for further savings. But that doesn’t mean that sometimes there aren’t hidden opportunities.

One such case occurred when a Shipper’s tape expert flagged a particular tape a customer was using as potentially “overkill” for their application. Looking deeper into their operations and the cartons they were sealing enabled him to suggest a substantially cheaper alternative for their needs. After discussing the opportunity with the buyer and operations team simple tests confirmed that his suggested tape would meet all of their reliability and performance needs.

The switch was made and the client is still saving more than $40,000 each year over the tape they used to buy. Carton sealing tape doesn’t usually come under close scrutiny, especially given the much larger expenditures companies make on more strategic items. But sometimes it’s nice to have someone who cares enough about the little things looking out for you.