Is your labeling process cumbersome and slowing your line down? Have you ever considered automation? A print and apply label system may be right for your organization. It may require less investment and work than you may think. When you weigh the cost savings you will have by freeing up employees and speeding up production vs the cost and maintenance of the machines, most find a beneficial improvement for their facility.

Many times, the system in place for hand labeling is cumbersome and inconsistent. You want your product to be labeled appropriately, so automation can help. The use of glues can damage boxes, come off during transit or end up sticking to things like customers or their stuff. Peeling labels and sticking them on boxes is time consuming and slows down production.

If you are a small company and you want to grow, consider automating your labeling. Shippers has seen growth in production as much as 30% for partners as a result of using print and apply systems vs. hand labeling. At the very least reaching out to your supplier or calling Shippers can give you the information and expertise needed to make a sound decision.