Have you ever had a breakdown that stopped production or backed up all your product in the shipping department? For your business, service agreements mean removing constant worries, and replace them with the contentment of being able to catch problems before they shut you down.

When you weigh the benefits of having your packaging equipment checked regularly that is not maintained by maintenance team, it can be a real cost and hassle saving solution. Just like when you negotiate a price on the piece of equipment you purchased from your packaging Supplier, a service program or agreement is negotiable. Look for a provider that can cater to your needs, not just fulfill a form agreement. In a manufacturing or distribution environment flexibility is key. If a service company truly wants to give you excellent service they will put your needs first, not their own.

With a great service agreement, you will move to the front of the line with priority service if you do have a breakdown, and some companies offer discounts on that service and the parts you may need. Keeping your packaging equipment at top operating performance will make them last longer reducing the need for a capital investment. It can also reduce the number of consumables you use.  The peace of mind of not breaking down, losing precious production and shipping time is well worth the investment you make in a service agreement.  To find out more about companies that can service your packaging equipment, contact your shipping supply distributor, or give the Shippers Supply service team a call.