At some point during the packaging of your product you apply information to the box. Expiration dates, codes, product info, you name it. A lot of folks print on a label and then apply it to a box. This is sometimes not cost effective and time consuming.

Shippers has worked with several customers to switch them from printing on labels to printing directly on the boxes with an Ink Jet printer.

This application has a lower cost and less production time. You will be removing the cost of the label and printing directly to the box. The printer can be installed on the line removing the need for labels. While equipment is available to apply the labels, it can be costly and the equipment can be one more thing to break down on the line. If you apply labels after it comes off the line before it is palletized, Ink Jet removes the labor involved in that application.
Ink jet will save you some money and time on your production. Give your supplier a call to discuss or contact the experts at Shippers.